Product information for the PowerSpout SHP water pump - Solar Water Pump

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If you would like product information or pricing for a pump system that is for your own use then please email us.

PowerSpout SHP-Triplex

The PowerSpout SHP-Triplex (Solar Hydraulic Pump) is available now. The SHP-Triplex can be powered from 2, 4 or 6  260 or 270 watt solar modules to pump water from a low resevoir or river to a higher header tank. It is NOT a bore pump. Your water resource must be at ground level.
For a great introduction to the SHP-Triplex click here for a short video presentation
and follow the link below for the manual

The SHP-Triplex is supplied standard as pump only. Solar modules can be purchased separately from Independent Power and our Dealers at additional cost.  More info on Solar Modules and Mounting kits

The installation manual gives you details of what is supplied in this complete kit.  Refer to section 6 of the installation manual for extra items you may want to order at the same time.

Refer to our Resource pages for a complete list of documents.
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For further details on this NEW SOLAR WATER PUMP please contact:
Independent Power NZ Ltd
32e William Pickering Drive
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